First details on Resident Evil 6 DLC

by Kevin Mitchell on September 11, 2012

Already planning the post-launch DLC for Resident Evil 6, Capcom has giving the first details on three new online modes that will be available. Matches will be limited to only 6 players and there has been no word on the price of each of the modes. Using, players can track all of their stats from the campaign mode to these newly announced multiplayer modes.

Survivors Mode
Take Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch and add a unique twist. If you are killed, you will respawn as an enemy character with the ability to attack any other human players. If you take down two human players you will resurrect back as a human. The last team/player standing wins.

Predator Mode
One player takes control of the fearsome B.O.W., Ustanak that can be seen throughout Jake’s campaign. The remaining players act as humans that team up to destroy the B.O.W. or survive as long as possible.

Siege Mode
The humans have to protect a NPC while the other team is trying to kill the NPC before the end of the round.

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