Arthrox Race Overview – Legends of Pegasus

By Kevin Mitchell Posted on July 31, 2012

A long time ago in a galaxy…you know how it goes. The guardians of old now known as the forgotten, created the Arthrox before abandoning them and disappearing from the Universe. While the Humans are searching the heavens for an ally, the Arthrox see no reason to ally themselves with anyone.

“We are the h’aron and the saror – unique in our diversity, unified in our mind. We are Arthrox – we do not need you.”

The Arthrox adapt their bodies to their surroundings enabling them to travel to distant worlds and become one with them. The forgotten have taught them how to evolve and learn things they would never be able to learn on their own. Due to this, the Arhtrox became the guardians and accompanied them on their journeys. It was their task to look over young civilizations. Some civilizations did not appreciate their gifts and some used it against the Arthrox. As the guardians disappeared, the Arthrox watched as war ravaged system after system. Beginning to doubt their own beliefs, tribes began fighting each other as queen after queen were annihilated.

“For we had erred. Our enemies were not lingering beyond our borders. They were amongst us.”

Ship designs

Arthrox ships are organic structures, made up of a head, body and propelling tentacles. When a ship is build, the hull (the h’aron) and the pilot (the saror) form a symbiosis, making the ship an individual. They tend to be long and cylindrical, which makes them more susceptible to portside or starboard fire. The Arthrox’s ships are very fast and agile but lack any strong armor, making them dependent on shields. The Arthrox like to use long-range particles and strong beam weapons as well as special weapon systems.

Racial Characteristics

The Arthrox are a biological race currently divided into a multitude of tribes, each with their own queen. They are a very creative, communicative, high-tech race and get bonuses on research and diplomacy, while being handicapped in respect to their mining and production skills.

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Arthrox Race Overview – Legends of Pegasus

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