XOTIC PC Announces GTX 10-Series Equipped Gaming Notebooks

By Marcus Jones Posted on August 18, 2016

XOTIC PC announced on Tuesday their new high-end gaming notebooks. Coming from manufacturers like MSI, Gigabyte Sager, ASUS, these new laptops come equipped with NVIDIA's new GTX 10-series graphics cards. Meant to deliver a wholly new gaming experience through the use of NVIDIA's Pascal architecture, these laptops should hopefully be on par with high performance desktop PCs.

The new GTX 10-series cards are quite the powerhouse in comparison to last gen, making my 980 seem sluggish in comparison. Equipped with high-speed FinFET, high-bandwidth GDDR5X, and DirectX 12, these cards are definitely the next generation of GPUs. As an added bonus, the new series are VR-ready, meaning XOTIC's new gaming notebook lineup also comes VR equipped.

These new laptops can be found through XOTIC's PC Store. There are a number of base models available, plus additional customization options and mods based on XOTIC's 20 years of experience in the field of building gaming rigs.

XOTIC PC Announces GTX 10-Series Equipped Gaming Notebooks

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