Wild Wings aims for the sky on Kickstarter

By Marcus Jones Posted on June 17, 2014

Wild Wings is the upcoming lite-combat flight sim, and according to Seth Crofton of Dicewrench Designs and Sandboxr, is a mixture of both Mario Kart and Crimson Skies.

Hold the phone – that’s a combo right there.

The game will take players on an aerial combat tour in various maps, all with aerocatures. These are anthropomorphic planes, based on designs by Hank Caruso. Hank Caruso has spent the last 30 years designing and drawing aerocatures; military planes, ships, and more that are a mixture of both technology and animal. The planes within Wild Wings range from F-14’s, F-16’s, A-10’s, down to MiG-28’s. The designs vary, but they are all based off of the plane’s well known call name, such as the Tomcat, Viper, Hornet, and Warthog. From here, they are given designs that assimilate both the creature and plane into something akin to a living, breathing creature capable of ripping each other apart with advanced weaponry.

The game is currently on Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dicewrench/wild-wings. While the game is still still in its early stages, it is already shaping up to be something fun, a game for all ages that anyone should be able to jump into at a moment’s notice. Seth Crofton spoke with us at length about Dicewrench Designs eventual plans with Wild Wings.

The game is following a free-to-play structure, meaning anyone can jump in and begin playing from the get go. However, from there, the team is adding in additional ships based off of real world organizations like Operation Supply Drop and Warrior Aviation. These planes will be available for purchase (with funds going to support the nonprofits in question) and use within the game; they will offer a slight bonus in gameplay, but nothing game breaking. These add-ins, and further plans like adding in melee abilities, will provide the game additional flair over time once released.

The team is also working on the ability to create and add more games into the Wild Wings universe, like the recently released Wild Wings: Eagle Strike. The game is a similar title to Flappy Bird, but it maintains the overall look and appeal of the Wild Wings universe. There are additional plans to release games similar to Battle Chess and older titles, like 1941, that can easily draw upon the world of Wild Wings.

The last and possibly neatest thing about Wild Wings is the ability for players to take their aircrafts and through Sandboxr, create fully modeled 3D versions of their in-game planes. These will be able to be taken directly from a player’s plane design – paint, decals, everything. Holding one of these up surprised me at the detailing and overall heftiness of the small model.

Wild Wings aims for the sky on Kickstarter

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