Wastelands Interactive's follow up to Worlds of Magic

by Marcus Jones on February 8, 2016

Upcoming 4X strategy title, Planar Conquest, was firmly announced from Wastelands Interactive. This turn-based strategy game is a follow up to the company’s previous Kickstarter funded project, Worlds of Magic. Wanting to improve upon their past game’s performance issues, Wastelands Interactive is setting the bar high on their next project from the start.

We know that Worlds of Magic had lots of issues. We fixed many of them in subsequent updates, but we’ve eventually realized that if we want to unleash the full potential of our 4X project, we need to overhaul it and relaunch it. That’s how Planar Conquest was born.CEO Leszek Lisowski

This 4X strategy title will release on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in Q2 2016 and as an added bonus, anyone who currently owns Worlds of Magic will gain free access to Planar Conquest when it releases. No exact release date has been set yet.

Those interested in getting an early taste of the game can purchase Planar Conquest iOS now on the Apple iTunes store. This version of the game is a fully fleshed mobile strategy game created from a partnership between Wastelands Interactive and Techland. It will also be updated regularly with new content.

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