The return of FlightSticks with Damage Inc.

by Kevin Mitchell on September 4, 2012

Flight Sticks. Once the greatest thing ever to the kid version of myself, now a rarity in the gaming industry, especially on consoles. Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII steps up to the plate and delivers a one-two punch with over 30 authentic World War II aircraft to fly in both a single player campaign and head-to-head multiplayer. Have an extra $50 laying around? Why not drop it on the Collector’s Edition which includes a Pacific AV8R FlightStick. The FlightStick is wired though with about a 9 foot cord, so don’t get too comfy on that couch if you have a big living room.

I have been dying for a great WWII air combat game for quite a long time on consoles. For me, it never got any better than playing Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe with a joystick stuck right next to the keyboard. Damage Inc. looks to fill the gap that as been missing in my gaming life. I just wish the FlightStick was wireless.

Damage Inc. has already been released on August 28, 2012. It also is compatible with all Saitek FlightStick controllers

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