Sony Limiting Account Sharing to 2

By Kevin Mitchell Posted on November 4, 2011

Sony announced today that they will be limiting their account sharing down to 2 consoles instead of their previous 5 for both the PS3 and PSP. The change will go into effect on November 18th, 2011, though Sony has stated any game content purchased before then will still be available and in working order on the consoles it was downloaded to.

They’ve made efforts to make this a smooth transition, allowing for PSN subscribers and users to activate and deactivate the systems they are wanting to use or not use. There are also further plans to introduce a website that will essentially account as an account and device management site, helping those users through this transition.

For those interested in seeing Sony’s official statement and some of the details including who to contact about system activation/deactivation, head over to Sony’s blog here: Playstation blog

I’m also curious to see what others think about this development. Let us know in the comments! My own personal stance on this is Sony is dropping the number far too low. What does everyone else feel?

Sony Limiting Account Sharing to 2

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