​SelectButton's Super Awesome 24-Hour Gaming Marathon

by Marcus Jones on October 21, 2016

SelectButton celebrated its 5-year anniversary this past May (woot!), and now we are ready to get the team together for a full 24-hours of gaming. Next Saturday, October 29, 2016, Kevin, Mike, Marcus, and former video producer Andrew will be live streaming their descent into madness as the hours tick away.

The festivities will begin at noon (12 pm Eastern) and you’ll get the chance to interact with the team throughout the entire time. The stream will be live on Twitch, YouTube, and Beam. Beam offers the least amount of delay while streaming (virtually less than a second), so make sure you create an account before the marathon begins to chat with us and your fellow viewers. We’ll have numerous game codes to giveaway, and online opportunities to play with the team. We won’t be revealing the games ahead of time, just in case we run out of time to get to them all, but we will be playing on PlayStation 4 (including PSVR titles), Xbox One, Nintendo 64, and PC.


Where can I watch?

What games will you be playing?

We have a wide variety of titles, focusing on multiplayer games both local and online. Of course, there will be some single-player experiences, especially if one or more of the SelectButton crew passes out.

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