SelectButton's 2017 24-Hour Gaming Marathon

By Kevin Mitchell Posted on October 21, 2017

Continuing the yearly tradition at SelectButton, we are getting the team together for a full 24-hours of gaming. Join our fearless leader Kevin, as he is joined by Mike, Marcus, Tim, and former video producer Andrew from the SelectButton office.

The festivities will begin at 12:00 PM Eastern and you’ll get the chance to interact with fellow SelectButton community members. The live stream will be available on the SelectButton channel on Twitch and Mixer. We will be monitoring chat on both location, as we will have numerous game codes to giveaway, and will have ample online opportunities to play with the team.

Where can I watch?
What games will you be playing?

We have a wide variety of titles selected for this years marathon, but we will be primarily focusing on multiplayer games (both local and online). Of course, there will be some single-player experiences, especially with Halloween approaching. 3:00 AM sounds like the perfect time to wake the neighbors after hearing Marcus or Andrew scream in terror at a well-timed jump scare.

SelectButton's 2017 24-Hour Gaming Marathon

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