Risen 2: Dark Waters delayed for consoles

By Marcus Jones Posted on April 24, 2012

The upcoming pirate RPG from Piranha Bytes has yet to find its sea legs, at least for the console iterations. Fans of the original PC title won’t have to wait however as Risen 2: Dark Waters is still slated to release on April 27, 2012. This marks the second change in the console release schedule to date, with the date moving from April 24 to May 22 and now back to July 31, 2012. That’s not to say Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners won’t be compensated for their patience – both console versions will feature additional content including “The Air Temple,” a sub-plot several hours in itself.


Let’s chalk these few extra months of waiting to some final polishing and look forward to Risen 2: Dark Waters coming to consoles the summer.

Risen 2: Dark Waters delayed for consoles

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