Microsoft unveils two new Xbox One controller colors

By Marcus Jones Posted on March 21, 2016

Microsoft is set to release new, updated color schemes for their Xbox One controllers. Nicknamed “Dusk Shadow” and “Copper Shadow,” these two controllers are sleek additions to Microsoft’s military-themed series of controllers.

The shadow portion of the name pertains to the gradient coloring for the controllers – the Copper Shadow starts as a copper orange and builds towards the company’s standard black finish while the Dusk Shadow is more of a sky blue to black color design.

Both controllers are based on Microsoft’s current standard controller design and do not feature many of the impressive options available to the Elite the company introduced late last year. The list of features includes the standard affair but does also include the 3.5mm stereo headset jack the company introduced last year as well as updated firmware.

The expected retail price of the controllers is $69.99, and they are currently available for pre-order. The expected release is later this month though there are limitations on where these slick controllers will be available. Both will be carried at Microsoft Stores and online while Copper Shadow will be exclusively available at GameStop and Dusk Shadow will have limited availability at Best Buy.

Microsoft unveils two new Xbox One controller colors

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