Hyper Universe ranked play arrives, additional content

by Marcus Jones on February 11, 2018

Hyper Universe kicked off its Ranked Preseason starting February 8th which will run through February 22nd ahead of the upcoming Season 1 of ranked play starting that same day. Players interested in trying out the ranking system require at least an account level of 15 and require at least 12 Hypers in their roster, including the free rotating options, in order to participate in the Preseason matches. For those interested in testing the waters with ranked play, keep in mind that all records will not be kept until after Season 1 officially starts.

A new Hyper character is coming as well, Captain Red, a Specialist with a powerful melee and ranged attacks. He's also got a pretty nifty premium Dragon Force variant skin as well for those who like to spice up their characters. In addition to the new character, Ranked Mode includes:

Hyper Universe delivers an intense, action-packed experience that lends itself well to competitive gameplay. Ranked Mode adds a whole other layer of intensity and fun to the game to keep fans engaged and coming back for more.”Jungsoo Lee, General Manager of Nexon America

Additionally, future Hyper Universe plans include continual content support in coming months, including Lunar New Year themed content, and events for a special Hyper skin.

Hyper Universe ranked play arrives, additional content

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