Giveaway: 10 Xbox Live codes for Solar Annihilation

By Kevin Mitchell Posted on March 16, 2012

Welcome to’s weekend giveaway! We have 10 XBLA codes for one of the newest Xbox Live Indie Games, Solar Annihilation.

We have multiple ways to enter, so if you enter all of them, you have a better chance at winning! Giveaway is for North American residents only. Simply do one or all of the following:

Winners will receive a private message through the application they won it on, Facebook, Twitter or the site here, on Monday 19, 2012 at 6am PST. While waiting, don’t forget to check out our Solar Annihilation review and tell us what you think about this new-age Asteroids game.

Special thanks to Michael and Jack at reddeathgames and Good Luck!

Update: Winners have been notified via Facebook and Twitter for the Weekend Giveaway. Thanks everyone and look for next weekend’s giveaway on Fri!

Giveaway: 10 Xbox Live codes for Solar Annihilation

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