FIRE Preview – Living in the Stone Age

By Marcus Jones Posted on July 20, 2014

FIRE is an upcoming casual point-and-click puzzle game from Daedalic Entertainment. Famous for their point-and-click games, Daedalic is taking a new approach for this upcoming title. The protagonist, Ungh, is a caveman in the Stone Age and is a completely silent character. As a matter of fact, the game itself only contains sound effects and music.

Throughout the game, players help Ungh reach the nearby volcano to retrieve fire for his tribe after he accidentally extinguished it. You will use your cursor as both a means of directing Ungh’s attention to objects for interacting, but also as a means of manipulating the environment as well.

According to Kevin Mintz, the Game and Narrative Designer for the title, it’s a much smaller game overall, than what you would normally see coming out of Daedalic. The short hands-off demo we saw seemed to take place early in the game. Ungh used a variety of different objects in the environment, like a sleeping elephant, storm clouds, and the tribe witch doctor, to free the nearby firefly. Fireflies in the game direct Ungh to the volcano, so freeing them is tantamount to progressing to the next stage. While some of the puzzles seemed simple, others were more complex and required traveling back and forth between the small areas.

FIRE will be hitting tablets, PC, and Mac at the end of Summer 2014. It seems to be aimed at a younger audience, but the comedy within the game is something everyone can enjoy.

FIRE Preview – Living in the Stone Age

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