E3 2012: Watch Dogs

By Marcus Jones Posted on June 4, 2012

Wow. Wow. Wow. This game absolutely blew me away. Ubisoft is releasing an upcoming third-person shooter that parallels some aspects of real life with how wired we’re becoming. Watch Dogs, based on the trailer, puts you in the role of two people – one being Adam Pierce and the other some form of law enforcement. Adam Pierce is not an ordinary protagonist though – he is connected in many more ways than can be seen, namely through his phone which uses to hack things around him.

Hacking can be targeted on multiple items, including displays, cell phones, and even traffic signals. Speaking of traffic signals – the ensuing chaos and the spectacular graphics throughout the gunfight blew me away. Speaking of the hacking – it’s possible to even look up medical records as something to use against people. This will be a game to keep your eyes on.

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E3 2012: Watch Dogs

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