E3 2012: Gears of War: Judgement

By Marcus Jones Posted on June 4, 2012

Epic Games announced another addition to the Gears of War franchise with the announcement and trailer for Gears of War: Judgement. No longer using Marcus Fenix as the main protagonist, Damon Baird now steps up as the man in charge. Many details weren’t really released based on the Microsoft press conference and the man himself Cliff Bleszinski was excited, if moot, about the subject.

Based off of the trailer alone though, it looks like it’s possibly set during Emergence Day with the sheer overwhelming numbers of Locusts seen in the trailer. Many scenes showed carnage at a genocidal level as humanity was systematically wiped out. As that occurred though, Baird was brought into a court-like room shackled and chained. No more details are known yet, but expect more information soon.

UPDATE: The game is in fact a prequel to the main story from the previous games. It takes place 14 years before the original Gears of War title and the campaign is being handled differently from the other games.

E3 2012: Gears of War: Judgement

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