E3 2012: Far Cry 3

By Kevin Mitchell Posted on June 4, 2012

Fans are now able to return the Far Cry franchise with the upcoming Far Cry 3. Heading back to the tropical setting reminiscent of the first game, the world is now a large open-ended environment giving players the chance to explore freely and kill as openly as they want. From what we gathered, players play as semi-native hellbent on getting revenge on a gang of pirates. That’s not all though – there is some serious acid/LSD related stuff going on in this game. Expect more details to follow as soon as we’re done with our crazy head trip from this trailer.

UPDATE: From the Sony press conference, new cooperative gameplay has been confirmed. No word yet on whether this applies to singleplayer, but based on the gampelay it seems like it might be a separate mode.

UPDATE 2: Coop gameplay is a dedicated four player campaign separate from the singleplayer.

Note: Media will be added as soon as its available

E3 2012: Far Cry 3

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