Dynamic Weather coming to Flight Sim World in February update

by Andrew Votta on January 18, 2018

Dovetail Games has announced that their newest title, Flight Sim World has entered its second phase of development. With this move, it will take the game out of Steam Early Access as the development team begins working on bigger and more substantial updates to the game at a lower frequently. During Steam Early Access, it is common for games to receive bite-sized updates to address bugs on an almost daily occurrence.

"We are working on weather and world improvements, IFR, and the introduction of sleeker, faster aircraft, from business jets right through to the all-important airliners, all delivered with the key features that support them. The feedback our community has given during early access has absolutely steered the program for what we bring to Flight Sim World next."
Stephen Hood, executive producer

Since the initial launch of Flight Sim World in May 2017, he game has received 15 updates that added fan-favorite features, such as Steam workshop support, passenger character models, advanced weather featuring trueSKY technology, numerous bug fixes, and more. The dynamic weather update for the game released on February 1, 2018. Flight Sim World is currently available on Steam or the Dovetail Store for $39.99.

Dynamic Weather coming to Flight Sim World in February update

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