Catlateral Damage Preview

by Marcus Jones on March 27, 2015

If you're as much of a cat enthusiast as I am, then you have probably already heard of Catlateral Damage by indie developer Chris Chung. Dubbed a first-person destructive cat simulator, Catlateral Damage lets you step into the shoes, or rather the paws, of our beloved feline friends to do what they do best: knock everything to the floor.

Catlateral Damage boasts two game modes, a normal mode which is objective based and a free play mode. Both modes take place in procedurally generated houses, although the normal mode offers a time limit and a set number of household items you must knock to the ground. Books, TVs, dishes and more are all ripe for swiping off the shelves and cabinets throughout the house. Sub-objectives may involve knocking down certain items and will grant upgrades upon completion. These will improve stats like jump height or move speed. Random events take place, such as triggering moon gravity or tasking you with catching a mouse. After completing the main objective you end the level by jumping into a cardboard box.

You can see that Catlateral Damage is really made for cat lovers and it may even provide some insight as to what is so satisfying about knocking that full glass of water off my nightstand at 3 AM. You will even be able to catch a glimpse of some real life cat portraits that belong to Kickstarter donors funding the project.

I had a blast playing this at PAX East 2015 and soon you will be able to as well. Catlateral Damage is expected to release this May, and will be available for PC, Mac, Linux, Steam, and OUYA.

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