ARK: Survival Evolved expands with three new creatures

By Marcus Jones Posted on April 3, 2016

ARK: Survival Evolved, from Studio Wildcard, continued to expand recently by adding in three new deadly creatures for players to contend with in their massive open-world survival simulator set in a prehistoric landscape. The three new creatures are the Woolly Rhino, underwater beast Dunkleosteus, and the terrifying scorpion-like Eurypterid. Each creature will come with new stats and abilities, further enhancing the game.

The Woolly Rhino, much like its furless cousin, is a large herbivore capable of taking down even the largest of foes with its powerful charge. Players interested in taming the beast will have an excellent beast of burden while those interested in hunting will earn themselves fur and horns useful in crafting.

The Dunklesteus is another massive beast, this time, based underwater. Its armored form and massive jaws are capable of taking and dealing massive damage, keeping its riders safe from most terrors in the deep. If players do end up harvesting this creature, expect a large amount of chitin in return.

Lastly is another underwater adversary, the Eurypterid. It's not something players can tame, but it something capable of taming them with its scorpion tail and poisonous sting. Players managing to take these creatures down may earn themselves Silica Pearls or the even rarer Black Pearls. It's not a cinch though and players should expect a tough fight.

Those on the Xbox One will be able to experience the full thrill of survival in 2016 via the [email protected] Program, on PlayStation 4 with optional PlayStation VR usage, and the full release on Steam.

Currently, the game is only available through Game Preview on Xbox One and Steam's Early Access program.

ARK: Survival Evolved expands with three new creatures

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