Animal Crossing's first Bunny Day event is a yolk

By Kevin Mitchell Posted on April 4, 2020

The start of April marks the beginning of Animal Crossing New Horizons' first real-time event, Bunny Day. Lasting from April 1 and going till April 12, which coincides with Easter, this springtime event leaves you scrambling around the island, collecting different types of eggs to craft DIY items.

Festivities begin by locating Zipper T. Bunny on your island, who has appeared in the series since City Folk. The yellow rabbit in overalls and a sun visor is certainly overly cheerful and frequently seen dancing about, but an enlarged zipper on his back extenuates his outfit. Some speculate that it is an elaborate costume; however, Zipper is highly sensitive about it, so it is best not to question his appearance.

During the event, players find pastel-colored eggs hidden throughout the island. Everything that you'll normally do in the game has the chance of providing specially marked event eggs. You may come across ones while digging with your shovel, shaking the beautiful cherry blossom trees, smacking stones with an axe/shovel, and more. However, if you are like Joan and myself who spend hours fishing in Animal Crossing, you'll come to hate the water egg. This bad egg has a high probability of ruining your night.

See a massive shadow along the shoreline and think you'll land something special? Nope, is egg now. Are you trying to collect all of the newly released April pond specimens? Nope, is egg now. Is that an elusive sturgeon at the river mouth? Nope, is egg now. Egg, egg, egg, egg, egg. Did I mention it was an egg?

The timing of the event just so happens to be the exact day that new species of insects and fish populate the islands. Those looking to fill the museum or their personal collection will be disappointed. Insects are not a problem, but catching specific fish is still a random dice roll. And right now, the dice are coming up sunny side up (okay, the final egg-pun, I promise).

A better implementation would have been giving all players a specially crafted Bunny Day fishing rod. Using this item during the event's duration (and only this item) should allow players to hook water eggs when fishing. If you want to go back to catching fish, switch back to your standard fishing pole. Problem solved.

Now, I'm not complaining about Nintendo adding these types of events. The length of event, which is quite long, is not a problem and is excellent for those that may only get a chance to play for a few minutes every other day. Others that spend hours in the game may see everything the event has to offer in a few days or less. You see, come April 12, Zipper will provide anyone that crafts every single Bunny Day DIY item something special. Unless you look it up online, you'll also have no idea if you have all the recipes (I recommend you do, just in case).

I have nothing against these gaudy pastel items, such as massive egg arches, stools, lamps, clothing, and more. They certainly don't represent my personal taste, but I've highly enjoyed the cherry blossom (sakura) recipes that have been added to the game at the same time.

Animal Crossing's first Bunny Day event is a yolk

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