A Fistful of Gun Preview

By Kevin Mitchell Posted on March 18, 2015

The Devolver Digital booth at just about every industry event for the past few years has been a highlight for not only myself, but the thousands of visitors. At PAX East 2015, the outside corner of the Devolver booth had a chaotic top-down western based shooter developed by Paul Hart.

Mike and I grabbed two controllers on the PC build, and our eyes widened when we were presented with 11 different playable characters. The characters were grouped depending on how they controlled; mouse or controller. The controller characters were broken up by analog or digital, each with a unique weapon and play style, but in the PAX build both groups could be controlled using the analog stick.

While we played with Paul, limiting the game to only three local players, A Fistful of Gun supports up to nine simultaneously, mixing both local and online players. My character played similar to Bomberman, tossing bombs that exploded in a plus pattern, while Mike used a mini gun to shoot everything that moved. Paul used the mouse to access one of the more unique characters, a group of outlaws on a wagon that controlled similar to an RTS game. All of the stages are procedurally generated and the difficulty will update accordingly across western styled towns, rivers and rail yard environments.

With only three players, the action was constantly became chaotic with bullets flying in all directions. I can only imagine the frantic visuals with nine people playing at the same time. Stages are kept short and death can come at any time. After each stage, you can choose from possible upgrades, such as riding on back of a horse, an additional life, explosive rounds and more.

A Fistful of Gun will release Spring 2015 (or when it is done) on Steam and will feature both Story and Arcade modes. If you can't wait till the game officially releases, you can download and play an early alpha build of the game from the official website.

A Fistful of Gun Preview

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